Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Moschino spring/summer 2015

During last years Milan Fashion Week, Moschino's Creative Director Jeremy Scott brought us an entire collection that was inspired by McDonald's. I must admit that I wasn't a huge fan of this collection. This year their show was dedicated to my favorite doll Barbie. It's no secret that I love pink color. When I was a little girl I had a big Barbie castle with too many Barbie dolls and too many Barbie clothes. Well, now that you know how huge Barbie fan I was I guess I don't even have to tell you that there are some pieces from this collection that I would totally wear. 

I can't get over how adorable are this bag, tee and phone case. These are probably my top 3 things from the collection! <3

I love these two outfits. I can totally picture myself wearing them. What can I say, I guess I still have a little girl inside of me. :)

What do you think about this Think Pink Barbie collection?

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Barbie J.


  1. Sem videla Moshinovo kolekcijo, prav všeč mi je! Kako so še lepo uredili frizure modelom- v Barbie stilu :) Pa celotni pink outfiti me spominjajo na Blondinko s Harvarda ;) xx Maja

  2. Not the biggest fan of this collection. though I love Moschino and PINK color :), my dear ^_^

    Happy Tuesday,



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