Monday, April 20, 2015

Parfume: 212 VIP Rosé by Carolina Herrera

I have the best job on the world! :) One of the craziest promotions I ever did was last weekend in two hottest clubs (Niagara and Luft) in Maribor. I was doing promotion of parfume by Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP Rosé. When I got the job I didn't even know how this parfume looks like and how it smells. I'm so happy got it, because it smells AMAZING.

This fragrance represents a flanker of the 212 VIP version from 2010. It embodies glamour, elegance and fun atmosphere at parties. Its scent is described as fresh, sensual and very feminine. And I couldn't agree more. :)

I was very suprised when I discovered that the top note of this fragrance is pink champagne. How insane is that?! The heart of the fragrance is peach tree blossom accord that gives it a bit fruitiness and sophistication. At the end are some sensual and woody notes, such as Queen Wood, musk and amber.

You can buy 212 VIP Rosé in Muller drugstore and it's available as 30 and 50 ml Eau de Parfum. Its price is something between 45 and 70 €. :)

What about its longevity? I would say it's something between moderate and long lasting. At first you can smell it all around the room, but after 3-6 hours you can smell it only on your wrist. On your wrist it stays even after you showered! I think that's good, because it's not too intrusive, but still long lasting. :)

What about its bottle? It's very heavy and massive in rose gold color. It opens on a magnet. It has a funny very oval shape, but it's kinda cute. :)

Oh, and an interesting fact. This parfume doesn't contain any roses. It's Rosé - meaning the color! 

... and just two pictures from my workplace :)

My rating: 10/10 


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